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Choosing a Barbet Breeder

Choosing the “right” Barbet breeder is an individual choice based on your goals, puppy availability, breeder proximity, etc.  Ideally, you will have a relationship with the breeder for the life of your dog.  The AKC Pick a Puppy guide includes Breeder Interview Questions to help you with the process. Talk with several breeders and their references.

The BCA does not recommend specific barbet breeders. The breeders listed on this site are members in good standing and have been BCA members for a minimum of one year. It is the buyer’s responsibility to research and select a breeder of his/her choice.

Health Note for Consumers

If you are considering buying from a breeder that does not list their health test results with CHIC ask them to show you the actual certificates. Some websites list OFA results that are not official.  OFA will read tests for dogs at any age, but the results are NOT official for dogs younger than 24-months.

While health testing does not guarantee that your dog will not develop eye or joint issues, knowing the results allows breeders to make informed decisions. When you are evaluating breeders, health testing is one of the practices that separates legitimate breeders from backyard breeders.

Helpful links

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Interested in owning one of these amazing animals?! Contact us and we’ll gladly help you contact the breeder that fits you most.

* If you are a Barbet breeder and would like to be included on this list, please contact the BCA. *